General info
Based in Paris, France
I’m an established Fashion / Portrait Celebrity Photographer since 2004. I have been based in Paris since 2011.

In photography I like to use new technologies, beautiful lighting, have fun with the teams and models and find the beauty and perfection in each image.

It can be Commercial Photography, Classic Portraits, Lifestyle, Art; my work is always clean, elegant.

I think my special skill can be to make something simple looks very sophisticated. 

Since I have been in Paris, my style has become more and more clean. I’m in continuous evolution, but the colours and contrast are in my DNA.

In my website I like to mix the photos of women and men. Putting all this beauty together and enjoy the colours, the lines and shapes.

 I collaborated with several magazines, campaigns, brands, agencies and artists in France, United States, Japan, Mexico, Belgique  and Germany.

I enjoy creating beauty in as many industries as possible.

 Language: English / Français / Español
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