General info
+33 06 09 25 60 57 mobile
Based in Paris, France
Lucky to be born in Mexico, he learned to be a team player and do his best every day in sports.

At 18 years old he started working as a male model in Mexico. Then he went to Spain to do his first international fashion week  and continued to travel for the next 5 years thanks for his modelling career.

Fascinated with the museums and temples around Europe and Asia he bought this first camera in Paris and few years later his first professional camera in Hong Kong.
Learning  with great fashion photographers he found his passion in photography and decided it was time to learn to live off his own ideas.
He move back to Mexico and started to work as a free lance photographer.
He built his own visual communication company and was directing a  great creative team for 5 years.  
In 2011 he decided was time to keep growing and he rethink his goals. He decided it was time to learn french and move to Paris.

He collaborated with several magazines in France, Japan, United States, Belgique, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Germany.

Always making  beautiful lookbooks, campaigns, or simple portraits with actors, he enjoy to be a around people a share his passion.

His style is Clean and Elegant. He have a special talent to make something simple looks very Sophisticated.